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Buying Service Fees

White Rabbit Express applies the following service fees to buying service orders.

Fee Description
$1.00 Per Item Fee This is charged once for each unique item added to the cart. If you purchase 5 of the same item the per item fee is charged once only.
$4.00 Per Shop Fee This is charged once for each unique shop you need us to purchase from.
12.5% Service Fee A service fee of 12.5% is added to your item total.

These fees do not cover expenses we may incur from stores such as Domestic Shipping or COD/Bank Transfer fees. We allow you to pre-approve an amount to cover these expenses when submitting a request. For many stores these fees will not be applicable and we always charge actual rates that are charged to us by the store.

Yahoo Auctions

For Auction sites such as Yahoo Japan the Per Shop fee shown on the cart covers up to four links only. If you purchase more than 4 links we will charge an additional $4 per 4 links. So if you purchase 4 links we charge $4 for the per shop fee. If you purchase 5 links the per shop fee will be $8. If you purchase 12 links the per shop fee will be $12.

The cart incorrectly shows a $4 fee for auctions regardless of the links you add. If we need additional funds for these fees we will notify you.

We recommend placing orders with four items at a time for these type of websites to avoid possible delays and unexpected fees.

Mercari, Otamart, Fril

As Mercari, Otamart and Fril are based on individual sellers we charge the $4 per shop fee for each link in the cart. If you happen to purchase two items from the same seller we can issue a refund for the unneeded fee.

Special Cases

  • In-Store Pickup Fee: 2500 yen / hour plus transportation 
  • Ticket Purchasing Fee (if bought at convenience store): 1250 yen

What's Included

All of the following is including when you use our buying service.

Personal Assistance

Our shopping assistants are here to help.

Free Consolidation

We consolidate buying service packages at no additional cost.

Free Repacking

We repack your items for international shipment at no additional cost for most items. (We may need to charge for special handling of very large or delicate items).

Pre-order and Pre-Release

We can handle pre-order and pre-release items.

100% Moneyback Guarantee

If we can't buy your item, you get a full-refund.

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