I did not receive my package!

Sometimes an order needs some more time to arrive than the averages on our website. The estimates provided are based on the average delivery time and are different for all countries. It is quite common for some packages to take more or less time than those listed on the website.

For shipments outside Japan, the most common cause of delays is due to Customs inspection. Since customs inspections are performed randomly on arriving parcels, we are not able to predict or control it on our end nor do we have any visibility on the procedure going on.

Can you do something for my package ?

We are responsible for every package that leaves our warehouse until it departs from Japan. However, as we are not the forwarding agent, White Rabbit is not responsible for the handling and delivery of the package.

If your package seems to be taking longer than usual, the best option is to contact your local post office and quote your tracking number to see if they can assist you.

In worst case scenarios, please allow:

  • 2 months for packages shipped with SAL to arrive
  • 1 month for packages shipped with Airmail / ePacket to arrive
  • 2 weeks for packages shipped with EMS to arrive

If you have not received your package within these time frames please contact us and we can see if anything can be done.

Can you reship my package ?

If the delivery failed and the package is returned to us, we will inform you immediately once the package arrives. Unfortunately, returned packages cannot be refunded. 
If the return is the result of our error, we will reship the package free of charge. Otherwise, the buyer will have to bear the shipping fees. 

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