Can you buy from a physical store or event ?

What are the fees?

We can only pick up from locations in metropolitan Tokyo or Yokohama. In addition to our regular fees, we charge 4000 yen per hour for pickups as well as any travel expenses or entrance fees incurred. 

Below are some estimates on the time and costs of travel to popular locations around Tokyo. These are just based on travel time alone and do not account for stores far from the station or lining up for purchases or events.

Location Hours Train Fare (Round Trip) Total Fee
Akihabara 3 1580 yen 13.580 yen
1340 yen -- yen
1400 yen -- yen
Harajuku 1280 yen -- yen
Ikebukuro 1400 yen -- yen
Nakano 1660 yen -- yen
1340 yen -- yen
Shibuya 1000 yen -- yen
1040 yen -- yen
1340 yen -- yen
1400 yen -- yen
440 yen -- yen

Where can you not buy from?

We cannot purchase from the following locations :

  • Comiket (Comic Market)
  • Wonder Festival
  • Animate Girls Festival
  • Tokyo Disney Resort
  • Locations outside of inner Tokyo or Yokohama

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