Package Forwarding Migration

This message concerns all White Rabbit Package Forwarding (not proxy buying service) users. We’ve recently launched a new Japan-based package forwarding service we call Blackship.

If you’ve already signed up and started using Blackship, you can ignore this email. If you’re still using your White Rabbit Package Forwarding account and haven’t registered on Blackship, please keep reading.

To be clear, the White Rabbit Express Proxy Buying Service is not moving or shutting down

We are just moving our package forwarding service so this change only affects customers who applied to “get an address in Japan” to use our package forwarding service--not our buying service.

Blackship replaces White Rabbit Forwarding which we’ll be shutting down on May 31st 2017. Any packages received after this date will require registration at Blackship.

If you tried our service way back when, we invite you to try it again. Our new Blackship package forwarding service is unlike any earlier version. We’d love to welcome you back.

Blackship is our new and improved package forwarding service. We built it from the ground up to make package forwarding from Japan as simple and easy as possible. Compared to our previous package forwarding service, Blackship users enjoy lower fees, package photos and an online app where they can manage their own customs declarations, package consolidation and repacking. Also, we are continually adding features to Blackship, including live chat!

How can I migrate?

If you have a “WR#” you will need to make an account at Blackship and complete the registration process. We may assign a new mailbox number to your account which you should start using for all future orders, but don't’ worry, if any packages arrive for your old account number we will still receive them for you.

If you have a White Rabbit Package Forwarding “M#” all you need to do is sign in with your existing WRE details at Blackship. Your account should already be active and ready to go!

How much does Blackship cost?

Blackship offers competitive pricing well below our previous rates. You can see our new rates on our pricing page.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know and we’ll be happy to assist.

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