How long can I keep an item in my mailbox?

Storage Period

You are notified by email when your items arrive at our warehouse. 

While we encourage you to ship your items within 60 days, you are allowed to store your items at our warehouse for up to 90 days. Please ensure items are consolidated and shipped within 90 days of arriving at our warehouse, or they will be automatically queued for disposal. 

Before an item is queued for disposal, you'll receive notification emails from our system warning you that your storage period is about to expire.
You'll get them on the 60th day, and then again on the 90th day.

You're also welcome to hold items here for consolidation as long as the arrivals of the items aren't too many months apart. You can do so for free once all of your desired items have arrived in your mailbox. 
Depending on the circumstances (a second order that you'd like to consolidate arriving too far in the future), please keep in mind that we may charge you a storage extension fee due to limited space in our warehouse.

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