What is your buying service ? What is proxy buying ?

White Rabbit Express is a proxy-buying service.

What is proxy-buying ?

Proxy-buying means shopping using a third-party to purchase an item on your behalf. If we can buy the item you request and ship it to you, we will handle your order and help you obtain the product you are after.

In other words, we help you purchase an item than you cannot buy by yourself and we ship it to you. It's as simple as that.

You want to buy from Japan.

But buying from Japan isn't easy. You’re dealing with:

  • Japanese online stores which you can't navigate.
  • Sellers who won’t ship overseas.
  • Japan-only forms of payment.
  • Japanese shops which can’t answer pre-sales questions in English.
  • You need ASAP help with auctions, limited-edition, and pre-orders items.
You need someone who can handle all this for you. Someone who can answer your questions. Someone who can buy from Japanese online shops, pick-up your items, and ship your packages from Japan. It’s time for you to use White Rabbit Express.

What we do.

The White Rabbit Japan Buying Service offers you the ability to purchase items from Japan that would otherwise not be available internationally. As most Japanese stores do not ship overseas we are able to help you by purchasing these items on your behalf and forwarding them to you from our Japanese office for a nominal fee.

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