How can I check the status of my order? What do the statuses mean?

You can view all of your current orders on your order page to see their status. The following are possible statuses for your order:

Under Review

Your order has been received but we still need to review the stock and price of the items.

On Hold

We have received your order but are confirming details with the store, if you are concerned an order has been on hold too long please contact us from the order page for an update. In some cases we may also put an order on hold to confirm details with you, if you see this status we suggest checking your order page just to ensure we have not requested further information from you in the chat/email panel.


We have confirmed the price and stock of your items and are in the process of purchasing/waiting for the item to arrive.

Payment Due

We have made an adjustment to your order and are waiting for you to authorize the new cost.


All items have arrived (but may or may not be shipped to you).


We were unable to proceed with your order and have refunded all money back to your account.

For received items please check your mailbox and for shipping status you can check the shipments page.

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