How can I cancel my order ?

Can I cancel my order ?

You may request a cancellation if we have not already purchased the item. Please contact us via your order page to arrange a cancellation if desired.

Once an order changes to "Processing" and an item is purchased, we cannot cancel it.

However, please note that due to the unique nature of custom ordered items, we are unable to process any refunds or exchanges if we've already purchased goods on your behalf. In some rare cases where the store accepts returns, we may be able to accommodate this request but most Japanese stores have a strict no return policy.

Can I cancel a pre-order item ?

Unfortunately, it is very unlikely we can cancel a pre-order. As previously stated, most Japanese stores have a no-cancellation, no-return policy. Even though the item you placed an order for has not been released yet, once we have processed your order, the payment to the store has already been made and the item purchased.

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