Special Fees

From time to time, a request may fall outside our normal scope of service. For these special cases, you will find the different fees that may apply below. We will inform you before purchasing an item if we believe any of these fees may need to apply.

These fees only apply to items and orders that fall outside our normal scope of service. Regular shop orders, auctions and flea markets will generally not require these fees.

Our base concierge fee is set at 2000 yen for 30 minutes. The price will vary according to the time we spend completing a special task for you.

Service Price Time
Concierge Fees (Base) 2000 yen 30 minutes
Convenience Store Payment 1250 yen -
Post Office Payment 2000 yen -
Outside of Business Hours Purchase 2000 yen 30 minutes
Sublocation Forwarding Fee 500 yen
Bonus Item Application (using tickets or serial codes)
1250 yen -
Basic Lottery Application ( no tickets or serial codes)
500 yen -
Special Lottery Application (using tickets or serial codes)
1000 yen -
Airsoft/Model Gun Handling Fee 1000 yen 30 minutes
Work Request Fee (ex: Gift wrapping, Photos, Price-Tag Removal) from 500 ~ 980 yen
Repacking Fee
from 1500 yen -

※ Not all available services are listed above. All indicated fees are non-refundable once service has been fulfilled.

For any inquiries or special requests, contact us at help@whiterabbitexpress.com.

In-Store Pick-up

We can pick up items from stores within Tokyo/Yokohama that do not sell online or allow orders via phone or mail. Our in-store pick-up fees are calculated on the same base concierge fee plus any travel expenses/entrance fees incurred. You will find some examples and further information on the in-store pick-up page.

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