Can I change my customs value?

Yes, we can adjust the item value!

All international shipments require a customs declaration. By default, we will use the actual item price on shipping documents. If you'd like to correct the customs value of your package, follow these steps:

1. Proceed through Shipping Checkout

We cannot edit the customs value for your package until  after you have paid for international shipping. 

2. Use the Customs Value Change form to submit your request 

Once you have paid for shipping, complete a Customs Value Request. Include the Package number (starts with "PX") and the NEW total package value you would like declared. Then tap "Submit." (Note: We use an embedded Trueform interface on this page. If the form doesn't display, please try disabling your ad-blocker.)

We will let you know when we have finished processing your request. 

Customs regulations require the purchase price for each item. Entering false information could delay your shipment, and Customs officials may require a merchant invoice. Customs agents may also decide on a new value for your package if they determine the declared value is artificially low. 

Finally, in the case a package is lost or damaged, incorrect information can impact of amount you can received from an insurance claim.

Customs Type

Unfortunately, we cannot mark packages as “Gift”.

We designate all packages as Merchandise on the shipping documents.

How much customs tax must I pay?

Customs Tax is not included in our service fees or shipping charges.

As the importer, you are fully responsible for any custom tax or duty. 

We are not familiar with all the Customs rules for the 125 countries we ship too. As these rules are changing all the time, we encourage you to contact your local Customs office if you have specific questions about their rules and regulations.

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