Can you mark my item as a gift with a low value?

Customs Value

Yes we can adjust the item value!

As your proxy agent in Japan, you can tell us what value you'd like us to declare on your behalf. Please email us with undervalue requests immediately after you pay for international shipping.

Keep in mind that your Customs Authority may feel the value declared by the importer is false. This usually occurs in such cases that the price is significantly lower than the real price of the goods. Lowering the prices in such a way may help the importer save a significant amount on import taxes, and it is, of course, a crime. When the Customs Authority suspects such a lowering of prices, it is permitted, under certain conditions, to determine the true price, as they deem it to be, by which the taxes will be calculated. 

In the case a package is lost or damaged, incorrect information may cause denial of your insurance claim.

We will use the actual item price on shipping documents unless you instruct us otherwise.

Customs Type

Unfortunately we cannot mark packages as “Gift”. We designate all packages as Merchandise on the shipping documents.

How much Customs Tax must I pay?

Customs Tax is not included in our service fees or shipping charges.

As the importer, you will be fully responsible for any Custom tax or duty. 

We are not familiar with all the Customs rules for the 125 countries we ship too. These rules are changing all the time, so we encourage you to contact your local Customs office if you have specific questions about their rules and regulations.

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