Rules for Mercari & other flea market reselling platforms

General Rules

Listings on flea market reselling platforms such as Mercari, Otamart, Fril (formerly Rakuma) are posted by individuals who have absolute authority on the products they are selling. While most users just want to make money and sell their items quickly, some might set up completely subjective purchasing rules which is where it gets more intricate : mandatory greeting before purchase; showroom pages where purchasing is not allowed; special pages with blank pictures for purchase; item reservation; obligation to purchase several items from one listings in order to buy one rarer item... 

Luckily for you, we do handle purchases from Mercari and other flea market reselling platforms. We are here to help if you need clarification on a listing or if you want us to contact a seller to ask them a question.

However, we ask our customers not to contact sellers on their own as it compromises our account if Mercari notices our proxy-buying activity. It also limits our chances to purchase an item if a seller is against proxy-buying services. We will not be buying from listings in which you have contacted the seller on your own. We hope for your understanding and respect of the rules we set up in order to help all our customers obtain the items they are after.

We inspect all items to ensure they match the seller's description when it arrives at our warehouse. However, if items are described as used, small damage may be expected. We also cannot confirm if an item is fake or legitimate when it comes to brand name goods. Please purchase brand name products such as Louis Vuitton etc at your own risk.

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